2019 -Currently Colonial Combat, Ep 3, 5, 7, 8, Editor,10 part drama series, NZ on Air, Awa Films

2019, 3 AM Workers, "Ross Episode", Editor,  Bureau of Explorers, TVNZ

2018 "Aren't Can't Don't",Editor, 2 x ten minute web docs// Story box, Wellington

2018 "Emocean" 1 x hr Doc FF //Editor, Post Production Company- Harroart- International Film fests tour, Australia

2017  The Barrel Vol 2  1 x hr Doc FF// Editor, Post Production Company - Harroart -International Film fests tour, Australia

2016 The Ultimate Waterman 3 x 1/2 Doc TV Series// Post Director, Editor//Delivery- Red Bull Media House

2015 The Barrel Vol 1 1 x 1 hr Doc FF// Editor, Colourist, Post Production Company  - Harroart, Australia

2014 Ladi6 Returns to Africa 1 x 1/2 hr// Editor// Colourist//Delivery - Red Bull Media House

2014 Red Bull Mates in Alaska/ Doc/ Co-Editor // BEST FILM at NZ Mountain Film Fest - Red Bull Media House

2014 War Birds of Wanaka , Editor, DVD Delivery- Light Box Wanaka

2013 Red Bull Ultranatural  TV movie// Editor - Brain Farm Cinema, USA

2013 Red Bull Flow Hunters Doc/ Editor// BEST FILM at NZ Mountain Film Fest - Red Bull Media House

2012 Red Bull Airborne Doc/ Editor// BEST FILM at NZ Mountain Film Fest- Red Bull Media House,

2012 Red Bull Supernatural TV movie//Editor - Brain Farm Cinema. USA

2011 Ronnie Renner Series 4 x 1/2 hr/ Editor for 2 eps- Marni Productions, USA

2010- 2013 Red Bull Chronicles 88 x 1/2 hr TV episodes, Editor, Full Delivery Post Company- Red Bull Media House

2010- 2014 World heli Challenge,  4 x TV movie //Director, Editor, Post Production Company- Harroart, Australia

2008 to 2010  NZ Hyundai Longboard Tour DVD -  Editor- NZ Greenroom Productions, NZ

2008 Summer of Surfing 4 x 1/2 hour  Director, Editor, Post Production Company- Maori Televsion

2001- 2004 XSTV  150 x 1/2 episodes, Editor- XSTV productions, NZ

2001 Big Wave Challenge 1 x 1 hour, Editor - XSTV productions, NZ

2001 World Heli Challenge TV movie 1 x hour, Editor- XSTV productions, NZ

1999 Adrenalise, 13 x 1/2 hour, Editor, World Wide Distribution, Mike Firth , NZ

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