Onsite and post work at Events


I often work onsite at the event to output content immediately as it is being shot.

2019 Red Bull Defiance,  Editor, Red Bull Media House

2018 Red Bull Legends of Steel, Director/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2018 Red Bull Athletes at the Winter Games NZ, Editor- Red Bull Media House

2016,2018 Red Bull Farm Jam Director/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2017 Buller X Australia, Editor/Post Company -Harroart, Australia

2017 Red Bull Athletes at the Winter Games/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2016, 2017 Red Bull Ultimate Waterman/ Editor -Red Bull Media House, North America

2014,2015,2017 Red Bull Defiance/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2016 Red Bull Foiling Generation/ Editor -Red Bull Media House

2015 Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix, Director/Editor -Red Bull MediaHouse

2014 Burton Hi Fives NZ, Editor -MSI, USA

2014 War Birds over Wanaka, Editor

2013 Red Bull Ultranatural, Canada/ Editor -Brain Farm Cinema, USA

2012 Red Bull Supernatural,Canada/ Editor -Brain Farm Cinema, USA

2012 Red Bull Snow performance Camp Wanaka, Editor-Red Bull Media House

2010 to 2014 World Heli Challenge, Director, Editor, Post Company -Harroart

2010 World ISA Surfing Champs, Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

2010 NZ Surfing summer comps, Director/Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

2009, Occy & Parko Corona NZ Tour, Director,  Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

2008- 2011 FIS Snowboard Championships Wanaka, Editor, - Kinetic Media

2008-2011 Burton Open NZ Wanaka, Editor -Kinetic Media

2008- 2010 Hyundai Longboard Tour NZ, Director,  Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

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