Onsite and post work at Events


I often work onsite at the event to output content immediately as it is being shot.

2019 First Chair with Nico Porteous - Editor , Red Bull Media House

2019 Kehu Butler's Endless Wave-Editor, Red bull Media House

2019 Red Bull Defiance,  Editor, Red Bull Media House

2018 Red Bull Legends of Steel, Director/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2018 Red Bull Athletes at the Winter Games NZ, Editor- Red Bull Media House

2016,2018 Red Bull Farm Jam Director/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2017 Buller X Australia, Editor/Post Company -Harroart, Australia

2017 Red Bull Athletes at the Winter Games/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2016, 2017 Red Bull Ultimate Waterman/ Editor -Red Bull Media House, North America

2014,2015,2017 Red Bull Defiance/Editor -Red Bull Media House

2016 Red Bull Foiling Generation/ Editor -Red Bull Media House

2015 Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix, Director/Editor -Red Bull MediaHouse

2014 Burton Hi Fives NZ, Editor -MSI, USA

2014 War Birds over Wanaka, Editor

2013 Red Bull Ultranatural, Canada/ Editor -Brain Farm Cinema, USA

2012 Red Bull Supernatural,Canada/ Editor -Brain Farm Cinema, USA

2012 Red Bull Snow performance Camp Wanaka, Editor-Red Bull Media House

2010 to 2014 World Heli Challenge, Director, Editor, Post Company -Harroart

2010 World ISA Surfing Champs, Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

2010 NZ Surfing summer comps, Director/Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

2009, Occy & Parko Corona NZ Tour, Director,  Editor -NZ Greenroom productions

2008- 2011 FIS Snowboard Championships Wanaka, Editor, - Kinetic Media

2008-2011 Burton Open NZ Wanaka, Editor -Kinetic Media

2008- 2010 Hyundai Longboard Tour NZ, Director,  Editor -NZ Greenroom productions